TD Jakes Prayer Request

| May 17, 2012 | 13 Comments

TD Jakes Prayer Request

Go to and you will see something that says “prayer request” click on that, type in your prayer click the submit button. Blessings!

Or else you can go through this link for the prayer request There you have to fill our your personal details, Name, Email Address etc… then click on “submit prayer request” button.

Life is tough. Sometimes in spite of our best efforts we are still overwhelmed. At such times we need someone to reflect our Savior in the trenches of our inner battles and interpersonal struggles.


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  1. ritajohnaon says:

    bishop td jakes all I want is to live my life withy husband an kids I dont want to be here I will not grow here you letting.them lie to you same people who hurted me and I am still loving them I dont serve god while thy cursing let gpd talk to you instead of them like my causin say family will get you kilt o am faitful to god dont do anything I play with folks but I dont do anything ask god I dont listen to man kind my causin brought me to the guy brother who rape my only girl no thy havent went through what I,been through so come an,i will stand thy tring to make out of the aurthor of confussion I am not I am friendly until thy keep on you not seeing. them I need you now please same folks who did me wrong wen I like to got kilt in my house you dont know I been through listen to thy calls ancome set me free

  2. ritajohnaon says:

    an I need you bishop dont leave me I am not lieing these people act like I smoke an drink it been all most 2 years for me an I dont mess with no body all I want is my husband an,kids the devil is a lie I done been through already dis is a big mess thats why I trust jesus an not man,kind man make mistakes god dont he would not send his son dis is not wat god. want for me god has favor me cause I do wat he want me to nothing not wrong with me but the devil attacking my face


  3. Dear bishop Pl pray for my family
    Finances,health,provision, ministry and salvation
    God bless joy

  4. Joy says:

    God bless bishop

  5. Joy says:

    I m battling demons that is out of my control. sometimes I become so overwhelmed that I just want to quit, throw in the towel. I know that is the one thing God do not recommend, me doing his job. My husband and family act like they don’t care or they just don’t understand me. So most of the time I’m alone in my very own space this is when I can recollect what God has done for me, and how far I came from what I was. As I got ready for work this morning I watched you and the sermon this morning was about “Good Hurt” all I could do was sit there and cry; it was like you was talking to me and only me. I want to Thank You for bringing some sort of sunshine into my life today, with that message I know tomorrow is going to be even better. I will walk with God every step of the way, even when I am lost I will get back on that path to find him. Keep the daily sermons coming. God Bless you and yours.

  6. Rita Johnson says:

    GOD BLESS YOU BISHOP an i feel if God wanted to take out his kids he would an bishop i have to let you kno something to b.cause i am real i kno you all want your money back from him but its a better way people getting hurt the good loosing wat thy worked hard for its a better way i hav a lot on my mind right now you all enjoying yal kids mys need me mys use to new stuff every week thy not use to thy mom in one spot an thy in another an no one will make me stay down here an i kno i am real smart an i just hav a lot on my mind my kids my stuff i am loosing i work hard for mys an i am not comming against criminals its a justice that should be serve i am a boss i dont follow no one i just love to help thats it .it may look like it an i am not under the law i kno only one name it is Jesus no other name my bible saya every knee shall bow an say Jesus is lord an it also say blessed is the peace makers for thy shall be called chidren of God no where in my bible it say fight crime my bible says the battle is not yours its the lord dats why i read for my self an it also says each wife should have thy own husband .each husband should have thy own wife but it is wat it is God an my kids stay on my mind an i am praying for the world an i am praying for u bishop i thank God for you all the time i just dont hav time for evil

  7. Rita Johnson says:

    How can u all allow try to use me an my family getting hurt thats not right my kids havent done a thing thats why i got my kids out of dis mess you have grown folks using my child ok watch i get to the bottom of it i love my kids an i will not leave my child down here my child is going through cause u all want to get money i will get to the bottom if this thats why thy sayin its my child put justice to it stop lettin kids get hurt

  8. Rita Johnson says:

    An i will leave out this mess watching i am not a hoe for men to be getting on top of me an i dont need noone to change my life i am getting on this phone wit the head manager i kno for shore God did not die the people wanted the money i said i want to get from down here me an my child an if i hav anything i wiil suite i promise i wil never lie on my kids never

  9. Rita Johnson says:

    Hi bishop i know how to save money i know how to run my own biss i know how to do anything i never had bad credit never i hear them talking bout credit cards i never had a credit card but through ssa an thats my 3rd check i get every month thats why i say let me speak for myself in the court roon if thy was telling the true why thy did not pick me up for court or told me where to go let me speak for myself i told the true thy lied an i dont owe irs all that is lies

  10. Rita Johnson says:

    An its not that i cant come up i just didnt i made a promise to my God Jesus Christ that i will not stay here again i feel like dis if God move me from my home NewOrleans from katrina y would i want to stay in dis storm anGod bless me wit A house here i dont want to come up down here an i never had bad credit until dis guy turn into a devil

  11. shamoon masih says:

    beloved pastor and the church please continue to remember me and my family in your anointed prayers. pray for my indefinite leave to remain in Uk. pray for my family visas so that they will join me in UK. Pray for my financial breakthrough. pray for my financial debts to be cancelled in Jesus name.Pray for my physical and spiritual health. pray for wisdom, understanding and knowledge. pray for divine favor with the immigration department and the home office. pray for my better and good job. Thank you
    In Christ;
    Bro. Shamoon Masih
    Flat 2 20 Oakfield Road, Croydon Surrey CR0 2UA UK

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  13. Nicole says:

    Dear Spiritual Father I would like to thank you for all those loving books you have written for women and all the daughters of the world. I have been so deeply touched and encouraged by the words and compassion that eminates from the words in those books that speaks straight to the heart of every young women.Your encouraging words helped put my broken pieces together and to mend the hurt and dissappoints of life that I thought would never heal but most of all you spoke to me of a Father’s love that is beyond comprehension, I am forever blessed and I strive to be a daughter that is everything my Father in heaven has intended me to be. May He continue to hold you in the bossom of His heart.

    Sincerest love and thanks
    Nicole , South Africa

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